Cable Termination and Cable Distribution Rack

IQUBX CRDB011 Cable Termination and Cable Distribution Rack


CTR and CDR are open cabinets, generally known as patch panels are used extensively for signalling applications by Railways and Metros.  These are Vertical Rack Mount Cable Management Systems for Termination and Distribution of Ethernet cables, fibre optics, railway signalling and other Network cables. These Racks are generally made of steel or extruded aluminium. The Structure is comprised of vertical and horizontal channels, wall support channel, two sturdy base angle plates which are being bolted to the floor.

They come in free-standing or wall-mount designs, having two or four posts. Racks can have EIA-310 Standard compliant panels and other equipment mounted on them.

Scope of Cable Termination Rack (CTR) and Cable Distribution Rack (CDR)

CTR and CDR Racks are designed to mount cable organizers for the proper routing of horizontal and vertical cabling and patch cords, therefore, are very useful for Cable management.

It is meant exclusively for termination of the cables in railways and Metros. CTR and CDR are used to install signal cables, point operation, and level crossing gate control equipment. This system is already being used by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on their various main lines and depots.



We have designed and developed the Distribution racks for easy installations. They assist in a small telecom room or closets. These Racks have heightened cable management capabilities, including greater cable routing flexibility that can lead to improved network reliability and backup.

Racks designed and developed at IQUBX, prevent cables from gaining improper bend radius which increases the life of cables. Interchangeable parts can be used with other manufacturers’ products hence providing flexibility.  These racks are able to last longer and use for MACs (moves, adds, and changes) for a longer period.



We have designed and developed all aluminium extrusions based system cabinet with the top of the line wire and cable management. Clients can adapt the cabinets as per requirements to install distribution and termination equipment.

Main Advantages :

  • Modular Construction – customization as per requirements
  • All aluminium construction – ideal for signalling and data cabling as aluminium is non-magnetic material
  • Aluminium – Green Building Material
  • Very Fast Delivery Time
  • Relocation and Reuse with resizing possible
  • Knockdown shipping and quick assembly
  • Non- corrosive and Durable, strong build.
  • Easy to install
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Minimum space requirement

CTR and CDR Prototypes



  • Enhanced visual appearance
  • Highly stable and rigid construction
  • Less weight
  • More luxurious look and feel

Technical data

Attribute Value
Dimensions (W × L × H)600 × 390 × 2240 mm (Flexible)
Capacity1620 ports, 3240 fibers using LC connectivity 1080 ports, 25 920 fibers using MTP
Materialframealuminium extrusions, anodized colorless
Coloursilver aluminium extrusions internal metal parts
Free of halogenyes
Chemical resistancegood
RoHS requirementsFully compliant