Aluminium, also referred to as “Grey Gold” and sometimes as “a magic material”, is inspiring architects, designers and engineers all over the world, to design innovative product solutions to address challenges presented by very demanding requirements of contemporary building and construction industry, while at the same time, addressing the important and pertinent issue of sustainability.

IQUBX takes up this initiative to transform climate change problems into solutions through the design of innovative products and integrated systems based on green materials like Aluminium. IQUBX Green Building Products have the advantage of minimum wastage during fit-outs, minimum logistics, reduced human labour, minimum maintenance and assembly time.

IQUBX also intends to embed their products with intelligence for monitoring and optimal maintenance through smart building management systems. IQUBX products and systems are highly recommended for projects pursuing LEED certification.

IQUBX has launched various unique and innovative products, which can be classified as Green Building Products, to help clients achieve their goals in creating green buildings and environment. Aluminium modular floor Junction Box and raceways as a part of Floor Trunking system, innovative universal aluminium snap-fit skirting, modular universal partition and panelling systems are a few of the products, which are revolutionizing the contemporary interiors.

IQUBX Green Building Products exhibit these common features –

a) green building material – Aluminium
b) Innovative and unique designs
c) modular with minimum logistics and wastage
d) easy and cost effective to handle on site and assemble
e) very low maintenance
f) integrated system designs