IQUBX Ceiling Trap Door also called access door system has been designed to be of a flexible size as per requirement. It has the unique possibility of on-site fabrication and sizing, strong and sturdy, good load bearing capacity, amazing finish, and aesthetics of ceiling. This trapdoor blends seamlessly with the surrounding ceiling

What is a ceiling trap door?

trapdoor, or trap door as per Wikipedia, is a sliding or hinged door, flush with the surface of a floor, roof, or ceiling, or in the stage of a theatre. A hatch, an opening which may also be in a wall and need not be flush with the surface, is similar. In some cases either name is applicable.

A small door in a wall, floor or ceiling used to gain access to equipment is called an access hatch or access door.

Ceiling Trap doors are important components of a modern interior

In modern contemporary interiors, access hatch or ceiling trap door is indispensable. The plethora of services carried over the false ceiling in a modern interior can be overwhelming.

Ceiling trap door is used in false ceilings to access critical equipment for service, maintenance, and repairs. These services include electrical circuits – wires & cable, in conduit pipes and overhead raceways. Data cables, wiring, and cabling for FAP, access control, CCTV etc. are also carried inside ceiling.  HVAC system including machines, ducting, copper piping, are also located above the ceiling.

above false ceiling lotof services like ac and electricals are installed

All these services need access from time to time for maintenance, repair, resetting, replacement, monitoring of equipment etc. A ceiling trap door system is used to access these services with ease.

Available Ceiling Trapdoor systems may spoil looks of interiors

Usually, a ceiling trap door panel is an eyesore in false ceilings and mars the aesthetics. Its prominent edges stick out like a sore thumb, while the support frame is not sturdy enough. Besides, the edge finish detail and non-uniform grooving also leave a lot to be desired. Trapdoor panels may sag, its edges may get damaged and handling may leave the panel dirty.

put together hacks are used as trap door designs which mar the beauty of interiors and are difficult to maintain

Traditionally, ceiling trap door is constructed with some wooden members or aluminium tubes or grid ceiling members supported in the ceiling framework on which an access panel is rested. Sometimes, hinges are added on one side, to make it openable from one side. The panel which does not rest on the frame is supported by Allen key cleats which help the door to hang on the frame. But the finishes of such crude systems are not always up to the mark.

Some fabricated designed systems are also available, which can give good finishes with uniform grooves. However, they are restricted by the available sizes, are difficult to fabricate or modify on site, and are difficult to source.

An ideal Ceiling Trap door system

A simple workable flexible and strong system is desired as a trap door system for providing access through a hatch with removable panel cover. Simultaneously, it should be sleek with a uniform groove all around and flexibility of finishes the panel door can take. This is essential to maintain a beautiful aesthetic interior ambience.

One of the important aspects of a ceiling trap door should be its flexibility of size as various sizes may be required on site for different equipment and locations.

IQUBX TD-024H Modular Aluminium Ceiling Trapdoor

IQUBX has developed a new innovative sleek design of Access Ceiling Trapdoor IQUBX TD-024H, to match the ceiling finish with only a sleek groove visible on each edge of the trapdoor. Providing a seamless ceiling finish, this Trapdoor becomes the best choice for every premises, where the looks of the interior matters the most, and need a really attractive appearance of the ceiling.

These Trapdoors has the biggest advantage of retrofitting that means it can be easily installed in any existing ceiling without any hassle of creating a completely new ceiling system. Hence, it complements the aesthetics of interior space.

These Ceiling Trapdoors are completely modular and very flexible in sizes, so you can get one ready just according to your required size; to complete your day to day tasks of repair and maintenance.T his Trapdoor has an integrated hinge for easy opening of Trapdoor to perform major tasks.

IQUBX TD-JB023H & TD-JB022H modular aluminium ceiling Trapdoor system

IQUBX access hatch ceiling trapdoor is simple and elegant solution

IQUBX offers professional aluminium ceiling Trapdoor / Access door/panels available in flexible sizes. The sizes can be prefabricated locally and delivered on site and further modified on site if so desired. Else we can provide sections, which can be easily converted into required sizes of the trapdoors by workmen using simple carpenter tools.

This patent access door system is made up of state of the art aluminium extrusions material which can be anodized or powder coated or used in the raw finish as well. It is widely used for AC indoor units & other services for maintenance purpose. The fixing details are simplified for easy access.

IQUBX ceiling trapdoor can be accommodated in a suspended or drop ceiling in the room or hallway which may have removable ceiling panels or large ceiling tiles, or fixed gypsum boards or any other fixed materials like wooden boards etc.


As per the demand of the market and our clients, we have now developed a new trapdoor, TD-JB023. This new trapdoor is specially developed for residential spaces.



TD-JB022 aluminium access ceiling hatch door system can be retrofitted in existing ceilings without too much of a hassle. This means it is possible to upgrade the aesthetics of the interiors at any time one wishes so.

The TD-JB022 Ceiling trapdoor is completely modular and flexible in sizes. The Trapdoor is can be used for minor and major tasks over the false ceiling. One can perform small tasks by just opening the locks and keeping the trapdoor hung with the chains. Or for major tasks, it can be open from two chains and can be hung with two chains only to provide proper access to the ceiling. And the best advantage of this trapdoor is that the trapdoor can be completely removed from the ceiling to perform major tasks with AC ducts or piping or any electrical work.

The four-chain hanging system provides a better functionality with bigger sizes of a trapdoor. And helps in transferring a load of trapdoor directly to the roof rather than putting a load on the ceiling in the open condition of the trapdoor.

Here is a Video showing the installation and functionality of the Trapdoor.


TD-JB023H Aluminium access ceiling Trapdoor comes with a hinged Door for easy and simple operation. IQUBX has designed and developed an innovative hinged Door Solution for residential and commercial infrastructures.TD-JB023H is developed for applications within flush plastered ceilings where access to various services such as electrical, plumbing and AC indoor unit, in certain areas is necessary.



Unlike other trapdoors where larger sizes are not recommended due to certain weight restrictions, TD-JB023H is fitted with specially designed and developed strong but lightweight hinge section. This Innovative hinge gives it a strong frame with an amazing aesthetic look. These sections can support very heavyweight trapdoors, thus supports sizes even larger than “5ft X 5ft” for bigger space and service openings for AC vents and Duct systems.



TD-JB023H comes up with customized Single and Double Door Options for providing more flexibility for the routine operations.

Construction of IQUBX ceiling trap door system

IQUBX access hatch is designed with unique innovative patented sections to provide a uniform clean look to the ceiling. The IQUBX ceiling trapdoor system uses the same patent sections used in IQUBX floor junction box system, and thus, can give uniform look to an interior with similar product finishes detail on ceiling and floor.

IQUBX ceiling trapdoor and floor junction box add uniform detailing to the interiors

It consists of an Inner Frame and an Outer Frame. Both the frames are completely flexible for any size requirement. Material for the frame is Aluminium and the finish can be anodized or powder coated as desired by the client.

The outer frame is supported on the surrounding ceiling frame, or still better, secured to the soffit of the slab with an additional frames work or hangars. The cover panel door can be secured to the outer frame with Allen key system using cleats.


The hatch door panel design can accommodate the ceiling material like gypsum board with a backing sheet ply and painted. It can accommodate other materials like glass or pre-laminated board as well.

Benefits of IQUBX access door system

IQUBX aluminium Trapdoor is available in flexible sizes. It can be prefabricated locally and delivered on site and even modified on site if so desired. The system can be fabricated on site by workmen using simple carpenter tools using patent sections too.

The sturdy frame ensures the trap door system is strong. The flanges on the outer frame section ensure that no cracks are visible. The access panel cover has also a frame with ample depth of section for strength. This ensures that no warping happens and can be handled at edges. This prevents spoiling of the paint (if paint finish is done), thus has easy maintenance.

The trap door panel can also be secured to the outer frame with chains for added security and safety.

The greatest advantage of this access door system is that it is sturdy enough to be fabricated in big sizes.

A uniform material ceiling ensures a beautiful aesthetic interior.

IQUBX access hatch door can be retrofitted in existing ceilings without too much of a hassle. This means it is possible to upgrade the aesthetics of the interiors at any time one wishes so.

IQUBX ceiling access trapdoor system is made of aluminium, which is a green building material. It can be used with great benefit in sustainable building projects, especially those who are aiming for LEED certification.

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