IQUBX is a green building certified modular furniture and interior systems company with core philosophy of creating and marketing green building and sustainable products which are Innovative, Integrated and Intelligent.  Almost all of the products have been certified “Greenpro” by Indian Green Building Council, CII.

IQUBX takes up the initiative to transform climate change problems into sustainable solutions through design & development of innovative, integrated & intelligent green building product system for building & interior industry

Iqubx also specializes in designing of customized product solutions for its clients in the domain of interiors and building industry.

Most important aspect of IQUBX products is the holistic design strategy which focusses on using 100% recycled Aluminium, with minimum number of multipurpose and multi-use versatile components to minimize the impact on environment. Incorporating the principles of agile product development, IQUBX strives to create meaningful and customer use driven products at minimum time and cost.

amit garg, architect, industrial designer (SPA, new delhi), serial entrepreneur, inno-ventor

amit garg, architect, industrial designer (SPA, new delhi), serial entrepreneur, inno-ventor


IQUBX has been founded by Amit Garg, an architect, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, conceptualizer, ino-ventor, based in New Delhi, capital of India.

Having an experience of more than 20 years in field of architecture, interiors, product design, graphic design, Exhibitions and other design fields, with launch of a new startup – IQUBX, he has begun his journey to follow his passion – to design and create innovative Green sustainable products – which are out-of-ordinary, disruptive and unique- bringing about paradigm shift.

He is a Green and sustainable earth enthusiast and evangelist. He is eventually working towards solutions for Smart cities and smart wearables. He has successfully filed 3 patent applications, and can be called a Dreamer, Conceptualizer, Innovator, Creator and Seeker of knowledge at heart. He goes by the adage that God is in details; likes to adopt a holistic view about challenge at hand and believe in elegant solutions. He looks forward to dabble in fields of IOT, smart cities and energy conservation.

We strive to cultivate original and innovative way of thinking, to relook at the problems and create innovative and disruptive solutions.