Aluminium Skirting board profile and chair rail trim

Skirting board is a border, fixed round the base of an interior wall to protect it from kicks, dirt, etc., as per or Collins English dictionary.  It is called baseboard or mopboard in US and Canada. And, as per, a dado rail, or a chair rail, is a type of moulding fixed horizontally to the wall around the perimeter of a room

Skirtings or Skirting boards are an integral part of interiors and architecture to enjoin wall or partition to the floor finish. It helps in protecting the base of wall or partition from abrasion due to movement of people and goods or furniture, from moisture & dampness during wet mopping of a floor. In clean rooms and hospitals, it also prevents build up of dirt, germs and microbes as usually the skirting surface can be easily cleaned.
Chair Rail for walls, also called Dado rail is used as wall protection from chairs. That is, to protect wall finishes from getting damaged due to chair backs hitting and scratching the wall surface.

About Skirting board and Chair rail


Traditional Skirting


Skirting board and chair rail are made of wood, tiles, terrazzo

  • Limitation of finishes, matching with colour combination of interiors
  • Can usually be not changed in finish or colour later, if the interior decoration is changed

Is usually installed on site in a lengthy wet/dry process

  • Installation usually takes a few days
  • Wet installation usually requires other adjacent finishes to be held up till the skirting works are complete

Is difficult to remove and almost never possible to reuse or reinstall

  • In case, one decides to change / replace / repair, it becomes quite a headache as it becomes a lengthy process
  • Adjacent finishes are also disturbed, e.g., plaster and paint may need to be redone
  • Workmen of different fields like stone mason, carpenter, painter have to be re-engaged

Modular Aluminium Universal Skirting board & Chair Rail – IQUBX SK031

Aluminium Skirting board


IQUBX SK031 Aluminium skirting board and chair rail use the same aluminium profile for integrated interior aesthetics. They are a very versatile design, which can be used in various projects like offices, corporate interiors, retail, hospitals, clean areas and even homes as it is available in different finishes suited to different aesthetic requirements. It can be used to install on straight walls or partitions.

These aluminium profiles can take various finishes and can replace ss skirting, wood skirting, PVC skirting, MDF skirting and tile skirting. They can be used with all kind of flooring like floor tiles, wood flooring, hardwood flooring and parquet flooring.

iqubx aluminium skirting board and chair rail

IQUBX Modular Aluminium Skirting board and Chair rail have indoor as well as outdoor applications.

  • Modular design – ready to install and assemble at site
  • Prefinished – Being prefinished, it gives an amazing aesthetic appeal, quality of finish and does not require any finish after installation
  • Quality – These sections are extruded with high-quality aluminium in mechanized plants and finished with high specification coatings
  • Minimum assembly time – Being pre finished and due to the snap-fit system, the assembly time is minuscule and completely non-messy. This is not in case of other Aluminium available products which require pasting or use of screws to fix the product
  • Maintenance free – Finished with durable finishes like anodizing or powder coating, it is maintenance free and long lasting. It replaces traditional wood or tile skirting which was prone to damage. Skirting board and chair rail can be removed and refitted with great ease for a requirement of any maintenance.
  • Holistic use – Since it can be installed on various wall surfaces and partitions, it gives a very holistic aesthetic design appeal. It can be used in different spaces requiring different aesthetics
  • Are a part of forthcoming IQUBX universal partition system, where the same modular aluminium skirting can be installed on modular workstations system & glass partitions also
  • Eco-friendly – Aluminium is among the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet with a very low carbon footprint. Its production is environmentally friendly. On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal. It is a unique metal: strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and 100 percent recyclable (and that too infinitely). Aluminium products are highly reusable. It is an excellent material to use in LEED certified projects as it is part of global efforts to increase environmental safety and mitigate the climate change risks.
  • A very smart snap fit system uses the same skirting board pieces from wastage to be used as inverted base plates
  • Can be used at dado height as chair rail or dado rail, single or double runs, matching the skirting board design and finish
  • IQUBX SK031 is distinct from other available aluminium skirtings and chair rails as it doesn’t require screws or adhesive to be fixed
  • And the skirting board is installed in no time in a very clean, non-messy, dry process. Easily removable and can be reinstalled by anyone without an aid of any tools. Can be refinished easily, later, if so required

How to install chair rail or skirting board?

IQUBX SK031 is a very simple ready to install, pre-finished system. The aluminium profiles are first sized after taking measurements of the walls. The leftover waste pieces are cut to smaller sizes of width 1″ to 2″, to act as wall cleats. They are fixed to the wall with screws in an inverted or upside down manner. The main skirting board or chair rail profiles can then be simply snap-fitted on these cleats.

Aluminium Skirting board

Chair rail can be a single run, just like the skirting board. Or it can have double run so that chamfered edges of the aluminium profile are towards outside.

How high do you put a chair rail?

Since a chair rail is used for wall protection from chairs, it should be installed usually in between a dado height of 750 to 1200 mm. Several factors may dictate the final decision. For instance, what is the height of chair backs being used in the space, what is the total height of the ceiling, is the dado being used (as the dado will usually finish off at the chair rail).

Technical data
  • 98 mm high x 5.5 mm thick
  • Order length 2400, 3000, 3600 mm
  • standard length 2400 mm
  • special lengths up to 4800 mm on order
  • Standard availability in raw aluminum finish

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