Addressing any situation as a challenge and to evolve responsible and sustainable design solutions is our mission. IQUBX innovative products exhibit the following key features.


IQUBX takes up this initiative to transform climate change problems into solutions through the design of innovative products and integrated systems based on green materials like Aluminium.


IQUBX has the expertise to develop customized innovative solutions for its clients. We encourage our clients to allow us to produce elegant system solutions which can enhance aesthetics, save time and cost.


IQUBX, literally derived from "I raised to the power 3" or "I cubed" represents the distinct three characteristics of our products and systems. Innovative, Integrated, Intelligent - interior systems.

Our Products

We have launched some very innovative products for interiors and building industry. Below listed are some of our innovative featured products for interiors and building industry.


    IQUBX JB022 and JB023 are Modular under floor junction box or floor access units, made in Aluminium, which can be built to a required size on site. They are ideal for locations such as in office spaces, hotels, showrooms, hospitals and others etc.


    IQUBX has launched these unique innovative raceway products (RW011 & RW022) to tackle the inherent disadvantages of the traditional floor raceway systems. They have some distinct features like Modular design – ready to install and assemble at site.


    Skirtings are an integral part of interiors and architecture to enjoin wall or partition to the floor finish. It helps in protecting the base of wall or partition from abrasion due to movement of people and goods or furniture, from moisture during wet mopping.


    Traditionally Walls and partitions are paneled for aesthetics, lower maintenance, and to create focus areas. Paneling is done by using materials as diverse as stone, tiles, wood, laminated ply, painted ply, glass, fabric, leather, veneer, metal etc.


    Our glazed partition system can be used in conjunction with other partitions on edges or on side. For doors, it can abut aluminium channels where separation with frameless door is required, or a wooden / aluminium door frame, where aesthetically permitted.

  • Access Ceiling Trap Door

    IQUBX Ceiling Trap Door also called access door system has been designed to be of flexible as per requirement. It has the unique possibility of on-site fabrication and sizing, strong and sturdy, good load bearing capacity and amazing finish .

  • Demountable Partition Wall

    IQUBX Movable Demountable wall partitions are quick to install and relocate. Panel & groove aluminium frame partition wall & paneling can be clad with wood boards and glass. For offices, banks, hospitals, airports and all commercial & residential spaces


    It is based on highly successful and used IQUBX floor junction box JB022 cable management system. JB022 is similar in construction, except that it does not have hinged lid cover and outlet socket plates for electrical and data network.

  • About Us

    IQUBX is a startup founded on core philosophy to provide innovative, integrated and intelligent system solutions, primarily for, though not restricted to, Interiors. We strive to cultivate original and innovative way of thinking, to relook at the problems and create innovative and disruptive solutions.

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