IQUBX is Appointing Distributors across India for its Innovative range of Green Building Products for Interiors of Corporates, Offices, Banks, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Hospitals, Malls, and Schools/Universities and Residential Buildings.


IQUBX is a startup founded on core philosophy to provide innovative, integrated and intelligent system solutions, primarily for, though not restricted to, Interiors.

IQUBX has launched various unique and innovative products based on aluminium which can be classified as Green Building Products, to help clients achieve their goals in creating green building environment.

About Products

IQUBX has taken up this initiative to address climate change problems through the design of innovative products and integrated systems based on green materials like Aluminium.

IQUBX Green Building Products exhibit these common features –

a) green building material – Aluminium
b) Innovative and unique designs
c) modular with minimum logistics and wastage
d) easy and cost-effective to handle on-site and assemble and thus minimum human labour & fast speed of relocation
e) very low maintenance
f) integrated system designs

The Product range is in two categories – Interiors & Electricals

IQUBX has the expertise to develop customised innovative solutions for its clients, which can enhance aesthetics, save time and cost and have lower maintenance, while at the same time one has the pride of using green building products.

We aim to achieve a uniformity of design, detail and aesthetics in the ambience by using same parts in various applications. Integrated system design is also an effective strategy to bring down logistics, wastage and thus carbon footprint.

Here are few products launched by IQUBX.

Under Floor Junction Boxes
Electrical Floorbox Outlet
Floor Cable Raceway System
Aluminium Access Ceiling Trapdoor
Modular Aluminium Baffle Ceiling System
Modular Wall Paneling Systems
Demountable Wall Partition System
Aluminium Glass Partition System
Skirting Board Profile and Chair Rail Trim for Walls

Several products are planned for launch, Including,

  • Rolling Shutter
  • LED Lighting
  • 55mm Deep Floor Box

Application & Clients

IQUBX Products are ideal for Corporate Offices, Banks, Airports Corporates, Offices, Banks, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Hospitals, Malls, and Schools/Universities and Residential Buildings.

Some of our prestigious clients are:

Market Potential

Aluminium, also referred to as “Grey Gold” and sometimes as “a magic material”, is inspiring architects, designers and engineers all over the world, to design innovative product solutions to address challenges presented by very demanding requirements of contemporary building and construction industry, while at the same time, addressing the important and pertinent issue of sustainability. In fact, there is a perceptible shift towards green building products in the industry.

Being Modular and having multiple finish options for the IQUBX products, make them very convenient in terms of manufacturing, assembly, functionality, looks, aesthetics, and cost. Hense, these products have a huge potential to replace all traditional products in the market providing a longer life of products with value to money proposition.

Currently, Projects more than worth 600 billion are being constructed in India in the next couple of years, giving a huge opportunity to provide quality product solutions

Our Vision

IQUBX has the vision to grow rapidly by creating our presence all over the country and abroad to provide the better quality of products to our Clients.

We are aiming at creating a benchmark in the field of Interior Products and making IQUBX a renowned Brand by developing Innovative, Integrated, Intelligent – interior systems.

IQUBX is probably the first company in this category, who has focused on the Green Building Certification of its Products. We have the Vision to promote Green Building Certification for all the Buildings and Infrastructure in the Country to motivate them to become clean and environment-friendly.

Distribution Network

IQUBX is now expanding pan India and now calling for applications to become our Distributors across the country. We are accepting applications from all the states and all the cities.

Company Undertakes to appoint distributors under 3 categories namely Regional Stocklists. Stocklist, Agents, Lead Generator, Lead Converter & Facilitator Distributor.

Please click here to download the application form and other details.

Download “Distributor Application Form” Distributorship-Document.pdf – Downloaded 15 times – 302 KB

The Shortlisted Applicants will be provided with the copy of the agreement to further the process.