Under floor junction box

Floor junction box or floor access outlet is essential for underfloor wiring and cable management.

Traditionally, GI or MS fabricated floor boxes have been used. But there are some serious disadvantages.

This video explains what is floor junction box? What are the downsides of using conventional floor outlets?

And how our innovative patented modular aluminium green building product IQUBX Underfloor junction box for electrical wires and cables addresses these issues?

Distinct features

The floor box is modular and can be fabricated or modified on site in any size

The Modular Floor Junction Box can be made with just 3 proprietary components and rest of components can be sourced from site

It has unique feature of lid system, which sits in the main box, thus cannot come loose

  • This prevents entry of dust and rodents
  • This doesn’t allow the lid to come loose and thus prevents tripping accidents
  • It has deep profile which gives it much superior load bearing capacity
  • The deep profile has been designed to accommodate any floor finish to match the surroundings

The floor finishes like stone, tile, carpet, vinyl, PVC, wood, laminated wood, glass can be easily accommodated in JB022

IQUBX floor junction box can accommodate various floor finishes and has high load bearing capacity

IQUBX floor junction box can accommodate various floor finishes and has high load bearing capacity

JB023 can be used on sites where the floor margin is very thin and doesn’t need too big a junction box with reasonable load bearing capacity

To get more detailed information on the subject, please read detailed product details and specifications

This product can be shipped to anywhere in the world and assembled with help of local teams as per your requirements.

Patent for this product is already under process.

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